1. Buenas Tardes Innuendo
2. Surfs Up
3. Waschmaschine
4. Paparazzi
5. Easy Rider
6. Coconut
7. Drown In The Water
8. Babushka
9. Cowboy
10. Ready
11. Arigato
12. Porno Hustle
13. Ozopft Is'
14. Juanita
15. Buenas Tardes Revolution Remix (by Patrik Zeller)
16. Waschmaschine Buntwäsche Remix (by Patrik Zeller)

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1. Chickhouse
2. Ramseiers
3. Happy
4. Happy GTI
5. Hit Me Britney
6. Pink Bikini
7. Randy Andy
8. Tell Me Why

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